Visiting Maisebrook with the Pig Club

some of the things we've been feeding the pigs

Come join the pig club as we see how it’s done on a larger yet small and friendly scale. Their new butchery is also on show for us.

We are meeting at Maisebrook Farmshop  at 1.40pm on Saturday 24th.

contact Dano to co-ordinate lifts 07717793347 and to say if you’re coming please.

Pig Club – Work Day: Sunday 16th September

If you want to join our Pig Club do get in touch with Dano (details at end), we’re sharing the pigs by the quarter and a single share is likely to be around £50 (you can opt for more than one quarter if you fancy). We’re not just looking for people who want to eat the pigs either – quite a number have got in touch to say that they’d like to just meet the pigs and get involved from time to time – that’s fine, we’d love to have a big group involved.

We have the initial set up costs (fences etc) funded by East Feast via Dano and, though we’re not sure exactly how much the pigs will cost to keep we’re anticipating that £50 / quarter pig should be close (potential members need to be aware that it could be slightly more – better to join the Pig Club because you want to get involved with and better understand animal husbandry not for cheap meat.

On Sunday 16th. 1.30-5.30pm pig fencing is going up at Lodge Farm, Ilketshall st. Lawrence in readiness for our first pigs. Please feel free to come and help, find out about the pig club and, if you like, join up. All you need to bring is a smile and a willingness to get stuck in but if you have any of the following it’d be great (again do get in touch with Dano):

Tools: brush cutter, scythes, sledge hammer, cakes
Materials needed: wooden posts, pig arc building equip: strapping, roofing materials including corrugated metal, pallets.
Still to do: 

  • VAN DRIVERS: to pick up straw bales from Wisset
  • Pick up Fencing from Atlantic.
  • Finalise rota
  • Get some feed.

We have 9 definitive members and this probably means getting 3 pigs – but there is space for another if more people come forward. We have seen some lovely large black pigs the other day… (see the picture of them taken a month or so ago). We hope to pick them up as soon as possible!

Dan Wheals
077 177 933 47