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A group from north Suffolk (and further afield) are meeting regularly to look at various models of co-operative living – co-housing, self-build, eco-communities, housing co-ops, land co-ops and more. There’re using this page as an easily accessible public record of the useful documents, links and organisations they find.

If you’d like to join the conversation in person do get in touch with XXXX. If you’re further away but have got a resource you’d like to recommend, a question or and idea do post a comment at the bottom of this page. Or it could be that you already live in the kind of community we’re talking about or are at the same stage as the Bungay group – we’d love to hear from you too! 

(All posts are moderated – if you decide to leave your contact details the moderators will pass them to the right person but will not publish them here unless you expressly request it.) 



Examples of Community Living:

Useful Documents:

CoopsUK ‘simply’ series – a good introductions to various aspects of social/community investment and enterprise:

Simply Governance

Simply Legal

Simply Start-Up

Simply Finance

General documents covering aspects of community land trusts:

Community land trsuts affordable housing Leaflet put together by Community Finance Solutions (CFS). Quite old and mostly focused on relevance to sustainable social housing (interesting but perhaps not applicable here)

community land trusts Countryside Agency 2007 A VERY useful set of case studies showing how CLTs can and do work.

community land trusts legal issues 2007 Very brief overview of some (not all!) of the legal issues.

community land trusts practitioners guide 2007 Handy overview of the process of establishing a CLT – aim at those helping others do it, but might be of use to a self starting co-housing group.

community land trusts Old (2004) but useful overview from the Mayor of London’s homelessness unit.

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