Stow Park Pig Club

Organic Pigs

Building on the success of Bungay Community Bees, and using the same community supported approach, Sustainable Bungay is starting a pig club. Stow Park Pig Club will offer an easy introduction to pigs and pig keeping as part of a group with collective rather than sole responsibility for their care.

A small group have come together with the intention of keeping two porkers (rather than baconers) this year and if all goes well a few more next year. The pigs (Gloucester Old Spots) are going to be kept at Stow Park organic farm and will arrive in August. At the moment the idea is to have 8 members each taking a quarter of a pig each and getting involved in day to day care as much or as little as they choose. Each pig share (1/4 of a pig) looks like it will work out at around £125 (approx. £4/lb – not bad for organic pork), though the costs are still being finalised and will be lower in future years .

If you’re interested in getting involved please contact Josiah


  • Viggy 'the piggy'

    Hey there!
    Im interested in joing your pig club!!
    Im new to the area and looking to get more involved with the local community, i have always a great affinity with pigs and this looks like a brilliant opportunity to look after some of these fantastic animals!

    I’d appreciate an email on how to join etc. Hopefully see you soon!


  • So Bungay, How do we progress the pig club at our place, St. Lawrence, I suppose we need to meet up and plan it. 07717793347 Dano

  • Dear Bungay & Surrounding Area Pig Club interested folk.
    So far there are about 6 interested folk. I would suggest that we try and get about 8 minimum (1/4 pig each for a minimum of 2 pigs). Great to have more pigs though. Vegetarians are also interested in the looking after the pigs and I stress the main reason for doing this is to clear some ground.
    So I think we can have members not interested in eating the pigs too, why not.

    I want to set a date for a meeting but also have a backup date for those that cant make the main meeting.

    THURSDAY 26th 7-8pm Where the pigs will be. Lodge Farm, Ilketshall St. Lawrence Halesworth Road on the Bungay Straight just before the Ilketshall Hall entrance (former Bargin Bathrooms). NR34 8NJ (sat nav may lead you to bungalow, its the next house- 2nd on left after Top Road).


    What is involved?
    What is will cost?
    Have we got enough people interested to start it?

    Shall we cook some sausages on a camping stove?
    Please let me know you are coming, Those that have ideas and info about set up costs, fencing, shelter, feed stuffs please get in touch with Dano or to come on another date to view the land and give your opinions. 07717793347

    Back Up Meeting Date fo those that can’t make the meeting. Come at about 6pm on Tuesday 24th before heading to the Sustainable Bungay Meeting in the Library Garden at 7.30.

    Can these dates go out to wider circles via Sustainable Bungay please, or copy the address bar on your browser which relates to the pig club page of SB website, Paste it onto an email and send to friends, A pig club is gonna be an fun group to be in so make sure you tell your friends. Chicken club anyone?

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